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Where We Can Help

Businesses are always looking for profitable ways to grow. They need flexible resources to evaluate the opportunities and execute the impactful ones for growth. We help businesses with their profitable growth using our experience across multiple sectors and functional areas. Over 75% of global GDP is generated outside the US and it is important to evaluate your business globally, for cost efficiencies or supply chain or growing in expanded markets. We can help with your global growth strategy using our drivers of market driven strategy and execution with speed and focus ; these include finding profitable alliances; structuring business agreements from initiation to completion . We bring an experienced network across industries and functional areas with necessary skills and expertise to deliver on your business needs. Several areas of focus are :

 -Data and Analytics Monetization  

- Brand Authentication Solutions  

- Supply Chain  

- Serialization 

- Global Program Management 

- Business Processes for Increasing ROI 

    Consulting; Market execution; Global Growth


Our Founder

Narendra Srivatsa, our founder, is a market-savvy strategist and execution expert who makes sense of complex and disparate sets of data to derive meaningful decisions and business strategy to rapidly execute them. 

With over 25 years of business experience in different verticals and functional roles, his involvement brings this industry expertise and ability to rapidly evaluate current market challenges with a holistic view, while delivering efficiencies and innovation with measurable results. Narendra has led numerous business strategy and growth efforts - Data and Analytics Monetization - Brand Authentication Solutions - Supply Chain - Serialization - Global Program Management - Business Processes for Increasing ROI of R&D and Product development. 

Narendra’s street savvy practical style, fusion of stimulating groups for collaborative action and out of the box thinking with “conversational coaching” style brings out the best in people helping businesses succeed. These have included International Paper, Menasha Corp, Bristol Myers Squibb, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Verisk Analytics. An innovator and industry thought leader, he has 7 trailblazing patents of which 6 have been commercialized.  

Narendra has his formal degrees in Chemical Engineering, with an undergraduate degree from I.I.T. Madras, India and his Ph.D. from SUNY at Buffalo. Narendra also has completed Executive Programs in Pricing, Marketing and Branding at Kellog's Northwestern University and at Columbia University.  

He is well recognized and a winner of several internal corporate recognition awards within his places of work - The Chairman's Award, The Slam-Dunk award to name a few.


Why Us

We have a breadth of experience to make your life easier and we come with experience in:

  • Manufacturing and Service industries
  • Small private companies and large public companies 
  • Regulated and unregulated industries 
  • Business and consumer markets. 

In short, we offer unique, diverse experience to make you successful. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you need. We aim to support your goals and onboard quickly.  We provide flexible resourcing options targeting client needs.  

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