Consulting Services - Big Data, Supply Chain and IOT

Internet of Things


  • Market projects 18 billion IOT devices by 2022 - Are you being left behind?  
  • We have experience in the use of IOT  and with apps for
    1. Energy Optimization and  Preventive Maintenance of Expensive equipment
    2. Smart Devices for Commercial and Residential Properties with apps that can even measure moisture to provide warnings of potential flood driven damage.  

    We can even design and develop custom devices for your application.



  • Is your Big Data program going nowhere?  Is Data Ethics becoming a serious concern?
    Over 90% of available data was started in the last 3 years and is growing exponentially (see blog on this topic). Not enough is known about their reliability or continued availability.   We can vet the data and help you use the right "proof of concept" testing for use in business decision-making.
  • Alternatively, we can do it all for you: help clean your data, make it analytics ready or even develop analytics for you. 

  • We can also be your data hunter to access the right data. No project too small. 

  • We will provide the necessary data visualization in Tableau

    Why are you waiting to harvest your data for business intelligence?



  • Supply Chain touches every facet of your business and has the biggest impact on your profitability and growth. Your supply chain drives everything; be it managing business continuity, JIT, or tracking your product at an item level or fighting counterfeiters.  
  • We can help you every step of the way in designing a robust and global supply chain which will enhance your business metrics; fight counterfeiting and diversion issues in pharmaceuticals /biotech or other industries.

  • We can help you with executing serialization requirements for item level track and trace to meet regulatory needs from our experience in Pharma/Biotech.


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